Sunday, March 30, 2008


As a parent I am truly amazed at how a child can receive so much satisfaction by making their parents proud, especially when it revolves around a little girl correctly copying various things her parents do on a daily basis (reminds me that we need to be vigilant about not modeling behavior we don't want her to hold).

Little is constantly exploring this world by how it works and what her role is in all of it. Daily I learn as a mom by watching her and how she learns. I know by nature I'm anxiety prone, but I have been working on daily trusting God with her (along with not reading so much developmental literature) and I have come to realize how she learns and does things differently from the next child.

I have come to appreciate those little things she does do and who she is as a person--and it has really made a huge difference in the way I even see myself as a parent. Here are a couple things she has been doing lately that we think are too cute for words:

1. She loves to play peek-a-boo, in fact, she's a habitual peek-a-booer! She does it first thing upon rising, when driving in the car, and even when she's having a meltdown; then, out of nowhere decides to give herself a break by covering her eyes to play.

2. Clapping: I will say to Veronica, "clap your hands!" and she starts clapping away. We have recently enrolled in a mommy & baby dance class where most of the kids are at least a year older than Nica, but after every activity they say, "Yea!" and she beams up and claps with everyone else. I think she is proud to know that she's participating with the older children.

3. Kissing: Whenever we say, "Veronica give me a kiss," she'll open her mouth and move in for a big sloppy kiss (she hasn't learned that we don't slip tongues to everyone). She just recently learned how to blow kisses (well kind of). It's more like kissing her hand and moving her hand towards the person she's giving the kiss to as a gift.

4. Lastly, she is getting more mobile everyday. She loves walking around furniture or holding onto our hands while walking. She will play the "I can't really do this unless your right by my side mommy" card, even though she can totally do it on her own.

She's growing up daily and we think (and know) how cute she is to us.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pink Floyd Tribute

Veronica received her first rock band T-shirt from our beloved friend Hilary. She is just now able to wear it. I think it will be her lounging shirt, because everyone needs a shirt like that & the other side of the moon is perfect for this little rocker.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tax Deduction

We were at Babies-R-Us and we saw this and I turned to Ben, "we have to get this." Here is what Ben has to say on the subject, "As a father I see a wonderful little girl I am crazy about. As a CPA here is what I see. Happy tax season all." I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about my husband's remarks.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Little in her Easter attire

We had a fun time with Ben's family for our Easter weekend. Little was able to show off her cute dress and charm, which everyone ate right up, especially her youngest cousins Lia & Devyn.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Photos for Auntie Amber

Veronica loves the harmonica, especially when I play it, as opposed to her mouthing it and nothing coming out.

Bath Time

I must admit that these aren't the most complimenting pics of Veronica, but they sure are funny. We have no idea what her hair was doing.

Cloth Diapers #1

My diaper of choice on my child of choice. I wanted to use cloth diapers while I was pregnant with Nica, so I came across these and found them to be the best fit. We tried another brand before these, but they leaked quite a bit. BumGenius pocket diapers are super easy to use and they adjust throughout little Nica's growth spurts. They help me succeed in using cloth without those pokey pins.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Day at Safeco Field

We took a tour of Safeco field where the Mariners play today and took
a couple of photos with our camera phones (so a little bit blurry).
In the first picture Nica is taking questions from reporters (as
she is being considered for a position as the Assistant to the
Traveling Secretary) in the Mariner's press conference room. In the
second picture daddy and Nica are sitting in the Mariners' dugout.

Monday, March 10, 2008

14 months

Ben calls this move, "daddy & baby acts." He'll lift her over his shoulder and lower her down. It's pretty funny, b/c her head is upside down with this smile from ear to ear. Once daddy pulls her back up, she starts pulling herself over his shoulder, in order to try it again.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Pirates

Little Nica has had visits to the ophthalmologist recently and part of her corrective actions is to wear a patch for a week to get her left eye stronger. She is known as the pirate baby around here, which led mama to pull out her pirate patch she sported when she worked with elementary school children prior to Nica being born.

Playing Pirate Peek-a-boo

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Is Nica saying something?

My mom called to tell me that she thought Nica was saying something in her video. So if you would do me a favor by listening to the video below and see if you hear her saying, "Where's Veronica," at about the 41 second mark, b/c Grandma says that's what she hears (but maybe it's just Grandma--however I think I hear something too).


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Strawberries--nectar of the gods

I bought strawberries at the store today. Granted they were a bit pricey, but I thought, "Nica needs to taste these delicious morsels." That night for dinner as she was eating dinner, I plopped a piece of strawberry on her tray. She picked it up and put it in her mouth without giving it a second thought, then had a look of surprise on her face. It looked like she didn't care for it, but after she swallowed, her eyes lit up and she extended her hand for more. Needless to say, she is definitely my daughter & my father's granddaughter. If we let her, she could have easily eaten the whole pint on her own.
Reaching for the prized berry.
Taking the prized berry.
Eating the prized berry.

Three photo shot of Peek-a-boo

Last night during dinner, Nica was eating and above the noseline she was relatively clean, until...she decided she wanted to play peek-a-boo. With that said, imagine a little toddler eating spaghetti & strawberries (she's still in the pre-using a spoon or fork stage), her hands covered in red & orange goodness, then without a moments notice she quickly raises her hands and SMACK--right over her eyes. Needless to say, it became bath night.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Compilation Video of Nica's Feats

First off, some of you might be wondering if we have just now started calling our daughter Nica--but you'd be wrong. Long story made short: someone we didn't know had one of her bath videos as a link. As good parents, we decided to not use her full name anywhere on the web, due to weirdos. Well, that's that and her is an update on little.

This is a compilation video of two new things she is doing, both of which crack us up. The other day Nica and I were driving in the car and she began to cover her eyes with her hands. I said, "where's Nica?" And she raised her hands to show me where she was the whole time (in the back seat where I put her). She will occassionally put only one hand over one eye, while the other eye is staring right at you. It's the pirate version of peek-a-boo.

The second thing she's been doing for a while is she will squint her eyes and look at you like she's really sad & tired, and then she lets out this, "AWWWOHHH." Of course, she totally grins afterward, more like smirks afterward, b/c she's so proud of her tricking you. I quickly would copy her, which made her equally excited and proud that she was getting mommy to do the copying.

PS...daddy is doing the first "ohhhh" to get Nica to do it next, so if you hear Ben now know what he's doing.