Sunday, February 3, 2008

Take two on food

Ben and I have boasted about our daughter's eating habits. However, I must retract this statement as of late. It seems as though little Nica has been becoming less interested in food and more interested in her environment. We've also noticed that some of her old favorites aren't as cherished as she once placed them.

I was actually getting a bit nervous and vocalized to Ben, "if she keeps gaining weight and eating at this rate, she's gonna be HUGE at two years." Maybe she heard me say that, but more accurately she is simply falling in line with typical one year old behavior. She is still quite a silly girl and we enjoy how she dances when she hears music, says, "ankou" (when she feels like it), and how she lifts up anyones shirt while they're lying down so she can tickle and blow on their belly. Here she is in her eskimo jacket.

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