Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Restaurant guide

Okay, so I still have a dream of opening up a bakery. In fact, I am currently working on my menu if I ever do indeed open one. I'm thinking more along the lines of a cupcake or cake shop. It sounds great to me and I have been concocting the various ingredients in my head and writing them down. So.....

...along these lines Ben and I were enjoying a sunny Monday in February in Bellingham, which we all know is not typical, but welcomed. As we were drinking mochas and enjoying a treat (b/c it was our 24 hour excursion w/o shmoops), we began talking about places to eat or drink in B'ham. We've talked before about there being no unbiased guides to eating & drinking in B'ham. If you've ever read anything in our regularly joke of a newspaper, you'll find very slanted & too kind restaurant reviews. It is really hard to find out real information on dining in Bellingham, b/c you either have writers who don't know how to accurately critique (probably b/c they're getting paid by advertising--yeah for consumer reports), or people who are loyal beyond loyalty's sake.

SO...I said, we should start some blog or review site of all of Bellingham's eating & drinking establishments, without the bias tape. On the side note, I have read people's comments on eating establishments and there is a fine line with being honest & blunt versus rude & you don't have any relationships b/c no one could satisfy you. I've read both, and whenever writers are on either extreme--it's hard to believe anything they have to say.

We're thinking every place would be rated on five things:

1. Quality of food
2. Customer care/service
3. Cleanliness
4. Overall experience
5. Price (I think this was the last one)

We'll keep you posted...

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