Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Nica has been doing a lot more playing and exploring and getting into all sorts of monkey business around the house. Auntie Amber watched her on Sunday night while we had our first night away since before she was born. As they were on the web cam with Grandpa & Grandma, Nica started to pull out the cd's and Auntie said, "No Veronica," which G&G quickly replied, "Oh, Ben let's her do that." Here's the scene of the crime:

That's just one monkeying around thing she does frequently when we're in the family room.


She is also getting more willing and wanting to become independent. She is currently loving us holding her hands so she can walk around. She'll want me to hold her and then all of a sudden push down onto the floor. At first, I would then set her on the floor and she would whine. I soon realized she was saying, "Mama, I don't want you to hold me, but I want you to help me walk." Silly mama!

She is also climbing up more and trying to figure out this whole other side of mobility we tall people know as "walking." When you watch her you can tell her brain is constantly trying to figure out how she can maneuver her body in the correct manner, which is amazing.


She has this farm puzzle that makes sounds of the coordinating animal when you pick it up and put it back down. It has a dog, kitty, duck, lamb, pig, horse, cow, & rooster. She hasn't got the hang of getting the animals to make sounds quite yet, so I help with that part. The funny thing is how she reacts differently to the animals. She thoroughly enjoys the duck & doggie as you can see in the picture below.

However, when the rooster crows her face contorts, her lip curls downward and she lets out a whimpering, "mama." There's something about that rooster that gets to her and it happens every time, maybe she's knows deep down that any animal that calls to wake people up can't be all that good.


She really enjoys this vicious toy Grandpa gave her (I call it that b/c it's no fun for the parents who are constantly chasing after the balls to put back in the device). She has just learned how to start the toy by pushing down on the red button as you can see.

She likes pulling it down and allowing the air to blow dry her hair, dropping the balls (or random objects) into the hole, and looking down the hole to see how she can get the balls out from below.

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