Tuesday, February 12, 2008

13 months & balloons

Nica is now 13 months old and such a funny little girl. Ben and I spend a lot of time laughing at her and her antics. She has gotten back to eating well (what I would call eating well, while her non-eating well days most parents would envy). We went to Applebee's (an hour from Bellingham) and she kept staring at the balloons. Our waiter was very kid-friendly and he gave her a pink balloon. She loved it! In fact, on our way home she fell asleep and was still holding onto the string of the balloon the whole time. It was adorable how Ben pulled her out of the car and there she was just holding her balloon.

Here are some pictures, b/c we realized that we haven't added many pictures lately and grandparents & aunts/uncles need to keep up to date somehow. I thought I would also add her top five newnesses, which we find wonderful.

1. Whenever she is near a belly, she will scoot towards it to blow on the belly. If she sees a shirt covering the belly, she will pull the shirt up to blow on it.

2. After she takes a drink she goes, "AWWWW," the cleansing palate sound. Funny part of that is she was doing it without drinking, then I drank and said, "AWWW." Daddy drank and said, "AWWW." Then, Nica took her drink and drank some water and said, "AWWWW."

3. Dancing to the music. She is a natural at keeping beat. She has two types of dances, one with much velocity and energy; while, her other dance is very serious. She'll be playing with her toys and then hear the music, then with a serious look on her face, she will slowly move her arms and go back to playing.

4. The other day we finished eating dinner and I was taking the dishes to the kitchen. Nica was still eating with daddy, while I went to get a rag to clean up and I hear her saying with authority, "Mama!" "Yes, Veronica." The next that came out of her was agreed upon between Ben and me, "i'n dun!" Ben: "it sounded like she said, "I'm done--didn't it?" "Yes," I said.

5. Her new favorite drink is steamed whole milk to 120 degrees. I went out with my friend Tina last Wednesday, so Ben and little went to Starbucks. He told me that he ordered her a short steamed milk and put it in her sippy cup. He said she downed it so quickly, that she would shoot her head back to keep drinking out of it. Luckily, we have an espresso machine and we can give her a little treat (and that she can't get drunk on milk).

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