Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Birthday Girl!

Nica turned one year today, here are some pictures of her on her first day of life out of the womb. Ben and I have been nostalgic the past two days about what we were doing the day before she was born all the way to the present (along with how much she's grown). The first picture is of mommy enjoying her baby. The second picture is of the sweet girl. The third is of daddy & his sweet pea. The fourth is of Nica's unhappy face, which is still the same look on her face when she's unhappy to this day--so funny.

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Veronica said...

Happy Birthday Dear Baby Girl!

And congratulations to you, Kamille and Ben. On this day last year you started the toughest jobs of your lives - being parents. You two are awesome and so in love w/Veronica - I can tell even though I'm not near by.

Congratulations on a wonderful year!