Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

We went to Ellensburg for Christmas time. It was very nice to relax and sleep in, while G&G took care of the monkeys (mainly Veronica since her age is full of monkeying around).

Veronica enjoyed opening up gifts... (Grandma made her a smock)

playing in the snow...riding on the sled

eating ketchup (she would have eaten a whole bottle if we let her)....

We also went to Great G&G Scellick's house on Christmas Eve, where Veronica met all of her Great Uncles & Aunts on that side for the first time. Great Aunt Sharon stated, "She's a firecracker," to which we replied wholeheartedly, "Yes she is!"
Although she had tons of energy, she was very well behaved, which made her parents happy.

Veronica is eating at the same table Ben ate at when he was a boy.

Great Grandma Scellick

Great Grandpa Scellick

The girls with their granny.

Reindeer girl

A new tradition will be getting toothbrushes for Christmas.
Veronica is teaching daddy the value of good oral hygiene.

Grandpa and his girls...

Another wonderful gift this Christmas was the birth of my nephew Lucas Arthur. My sister-in-law Adrienne had high blood pressure the last month (his due date was January 15) so they induced to ensure her safety and baby's. He was born December 23rd. He is very adorable and I get to meet him next Wednesday. I'm so use to bearing the children for the family, so being an aunt and receiving a nephew is a precious gift to me. I swell up with pride to know my brother is a daddy and joins the honorable ranks of parenthood. I also swell up with pride knowing that I am an aunt and find this new title to be one of great honor and responsibility.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gingerbread houses

I've been wanting to do some Holiday sort of things with Veronica, so we made gingerbread houses with graham crackers. We made some frosting together. As I was pulling out the food coloring I noticed Veronica had grabbed some frosting to eat. I use the term "grab" because she did just that with a small handful of frosting in her mouth. She already ate it before I could do anything.

Her house was a bit ghetto, but she didn't still tasted good.

She was too busy getting her hands into monkey business and eating the goodness, than really focus on making her house look pretty. I only let her eat one graham cracker with hardly any frosting, b/c she would have been too sugar crazy. That's another reason we used blueberries.
I told Ben that if Veronica and I were bakers, there would only be one of use who would actually bake. Can you guess who it would be?

What's in the potty?

Veronica calls all penguins 'Mumble' due to her beloved mechanical penguin named Mumble. She announced to daddy that Mumble needed to go potty. I see her scurry by me to the bathroom as she says, "Mumble Peepees." She leaves the bathroom, but without Mumble and then I scurry to get the camera to capture this sight.

First smiles emerging

This is the only photo I have of Cadence smiling, but there are sure to be more in the near future. We are seeing her respond more and more. She continues to be sweet, pleasant, and very content. In fact, Friday night she was so content that she was up from 10pm-12:15ish am without one fuss. Of course, the problem was we were so tired. Ben fell asleep and I was trying to get her to sleep. I ended up falling asleep while she lay next to me. She never made a peep, but just looked around her environment and eventually fell asleep very peacefully.

Oh yeah--Cadence doesn't have CUD either. We heard last Sunday from our midwife that the results came back in our favor!!! Hooray!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


One of Veronica's favorite books is, "David Goes to School," by David Shannon. When we read this book (along with some of her other favorites) she has specific comments that match the page. For instance, there is a picture of David raising his hand, looking a bit frantic with the other hand holding himself to stop from peeing his pants as the teacher says, "AGAIN?" Veronica says, "pee pees."

In this clip you'll hear me say certain phrases from the book, while Veronica says her comment on the page. It's much more hilarious when you're familiar with the pages. **Note that her comments were developed on her own and not prompted by us.

Snow Day

Today was Veronica's first memorable experience in snow. We got about 2-3 inches and she LOVES it. She was super sad to have to leave the fun times outside.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I like to call "out takes"

We were attempting a family picture many times over and finally decided on taking a picture of the girls. Well, that wasn't as easy as we thought it would be...ya see, Veronica is sweet to her sister in many ways (gives her kisses, will help her to stop crying, asks about her every morning, etc). However, Cadence sitting on her lap is not one of them.

Mommy trying to entice Veronica to sit on the chair--how do you think she felt?

"What is my mother attempting with these blankets?"


Ben doing another head shot while I am beyond laughter at this point.

Ben set up the timer on the camera to get a family shot and someone was always out of the picture, or could you looked like the picture was only to get a portrait of Ben?

Veronica came back to the photos through bribery (a.k.a. cracker & milk).

A smile that wasn't forced--too cute!

The promised cracker

Saying "cheese" prior to getting the cracker

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our sweet Cadence (CUD)

I can't believe that Cadence is less than a week from turning one month old--crazy! She weighed in at 6lbs 2 oz and 19.6 inches at birth. She was 6lbs 9.5 oz and 20.5 inches at her 2 week check up. She is feeding well, sleeping well, very sweet when she's awake, and pretty much cries when she's hungry, has gas, or diaper needs changing. She has already adjusted to sleeping well with her crazy & loud sister running around the house (super nice).

What's new with her:

We are currently waiting to hear back from the midwives to see if Cadence's third newborn screen comes back with no problems. Her first one came out fine, while her second one came back saying she had CUD. The 'C' stands for carnitine. It would mean she is carnitine deficient, which translates into not being able to process trans fatty acids. It leads to hypoglycemia. It is imperative to find out in infancy, in order to treat it and avoid complications or serious problems. It is treatable through diet. For an infant, it would mean she would need to eat every 2-4 hours for the first six months of life. This would include nighttime and waking her up to feed. She would need to have a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet once solids came into the picture. She might have to be put on L-carnitine supplement (or medicine), in order to get the carnitine out of her body.

Non-CUD people process carnitine and it disposes through urine. Carnitine helps process fat into energy for the body. CUD means that people with it cannot turn fat into energy, which means that if they skip a meal their body doesn't go to the fat reserves (like people who don't have CUD) and they can go into metabolic distress. Cadence took her third test on Friday and we're waiting to hear back to see if she has it or not. We're praying that she doesn't and both very hopeful that she will have a clean bill of health.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things I have learned as a mom

I have learned more from parenting than anything ever learned in a formal classroom. Some things are definite "aha moments" and others are "you did that again?" As a parent of two, Ben and I find one to two an easier transition than zero to one, but today I was thinking I don't think it's always easier. For instance, say when your almost two year old goes into hysterics when you put her blanket on a different chair and your infant is crying her head off to feed her and your blood pressure is sky rocketing. That could be hypothetical, and a reason to think having two isn't easier.

We're still working out the kinks, but it's not that bad overall. I'm getting sleep, due to a sweet little Cadence who has already learned the art of sleeping while her toddler sister roars through the house. She's 3 weeks old today and already grew a whole inch in two weeks--I forget how fast they grow.

Things I've learned:
1. When you're baby starts eating food and you allow them to explore tactically and you don't make a big deal about the mess, in order to avoid them becoming picky eaters or anal about the eating process. Remember that although it's worth it--you may just get a child who still is tactile nearing two years and still very messy while eating.

2. When you teach the sign language for "more" and your child starts using it--you're definitely proud and excited by their intelligence. However, the problem comes when they become the persistent widow at midnight with their "more, more, more, more, more," and it doesn't seem as cute.

3. When people told me that I would be thankful that Veronica walked late--I thought, "yeah right!" But it's true--she didn't go through that let's get into everything stage like 9 month olds do.

4. I'm glad to have a second child to practice what I learned with Veronica and apply them with a calm spirit.

5. I never knew I could read one story 15 times and more in one sitting.

6. Waterplay is always an option even if the weather isn't permitting (sink) and it takes away any bad mood.

7. Bed time has a whole new meaning.

8. When children are included in preparing the meal--they are more apt to eat the meal.

9. When children can pick their own food off of the tree or bush--they too are more apt to eating it.

10. How is it that green foods are immediately recognized as "danger," while they can spot a sweet something a mile away (even when they've never had it before)?

11. Coffee almost always brings me a smile.

Here are some random pictures

enjoying her dinner

discussing the philosophical works of Plato

Meet the "bucketheads"

Family Photos

We've been trying to get a family photo, but it seems we miss it all the time. Our first one was us in pajamas and the second attempt there were shadows or you couldn't even see Cadence's face. Here is what I mean:

This one's my favorite with Veronica's smile

Veronica enthralled with her cracker


Advent & Motherhood

Advent is here and we have tried to make it a family tradition to celebrate the season focusing on Jesus coming to Earth. On Sunday the song, 'O Come O Come Immanuel,' really caught my attention through the words, "and ransom captive Israel." One reason is that if we had a boy his name would have been Jude Ransom. Ransom means redemption. I was thinking about substituting, "and redemption for captive Israel." I was thinking about the captivity these people were going through and how through oppression of the Roman Empire they truly sought redemption from the promised Savior.

This led me to think of the month of November at Hillcrest and how we have been focusing on the lost & least of these (human trafficking, child abuse, basically people who are oppressed in our world). I thought of these people in their current situations (happening as I write this) and think how they must be praying those same prayers as the Jews before Christ came. In this season of Advent, my prayer is to pray for those who are being persecuted and cry out for redemption.

In terms of motherhood, I have also realized how I as a mother put unnecessary guilt on myself. I think mothers can do this a lot. On Sunday a lady shared a very vulnerable story of her past that would seem almost too unforgivable, unforgivable in the sense of guilt and shame on self. I realized that sense of guilt and shame put on self is one of the hardest things to forgive. It can really be hard to forgive self--myself. My personal prayer in this season of Advent as a child of the Living God (wife, mother, etc other roles) is to live in the grace offered to me in the ransom paid for by Christ the Immanuel.

I guess it's in the times when I don't "have it together" as a mom--to not beat myself up about it, but learn from the mistake, ask for forgiveness, and walk in that forgiveness. I hope you find Christ the Immanuel and your 'ransom captive Israel' in this season of Christmas.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas dresses

I decided against doing the typical red, green, or traditional Holiday dresses. I bought this wonderful orange fabric on sale for Veronica, along with an easy pattern. As my due date was approaching I asked a friend (Shelley) if she would make the dress for me, b/c she's excellent at what she does. She also made my bridesmaid dresses. When I got to her house today to pick them up she surprised me with a little dress that she concocted from a square of fabric leftover--a little matching dress for Cadence. I was more than blessed. Aren't they adorable!

Here's her other dress that Shelley made. It's like this is her peasant dress, while her other is her going to the ball dress. Veronica prefers her ball dress and didn't want to take it off.