Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Revolutionizing the Cupcake

Last night as Ben and I were going to bed, he asked me about making cupcakes. Except it wasn't just making cupcakes, but looking at the market for opening a cupcake store. One of my joys is to bake, so we (and I dreamed of the endless possibilities) talked about the numerous types of cupcakes I could make, what would be my target demographic, cost, deliveries, where a store would go, etc.

I think Bellingham would be a fantastic place to open such a store, plus cupcakes have always been viewed as the inferior stepchild to the cake. If opening a cupcake store, I wouldn't want to try and do it all--simply make cupcakes. It's kind of like a doughnut shop. When they stick to doughnuts they're able to put all of their energy into the making of doughnuts (and thus perfecting their art).

So here is my question for those of you who even read my blog: What types of cupcakes would you buy? How much would you pay for a homemade cupcake? Let me know your thoughts on the cupcake.

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