Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eating her first cake

Nica was at her friend Adri's first birthday. Biz, Adri's mom & our friend, made two cakes for Adri & Nica. The cakes were more natural and didn't have refined sugars, but that didn't mean they didn't taste good.
These pictures speak for themselves. Nica gives props to Biz & her mad cake making skills.

Speaking of birthday cakes, Nica will be eating her first birthday cake pretty soon here. She is less than a month away from turning one year old. I can't believe she is growing up and is gradually shedding off the baby in her and becoming a little girl.

She is beginning to pull herself up--yet she isn't crawling. I guess she is wanting to bypass it for now. She is so much fun and we are constantly laughing at something she's done.

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