Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas time

For Christmas we headed down to Salem, Oregon to spend time with Grandma, or Nana, my mom. Nica did a great job in the car ride down. That is, as well as any baby in a car seat can do for seven hours. We made some stops, but overall she was a trooper. Once we got to Nana's house, she was full of energy, smiles, and words. She loved the toy bag/holder that Nana put together for her. She has really been into putting soft objects in her mouth and rolling them around/gnawing on them without her hands. It's pretty funny when she looks up at you with this toy sticking out of her mouth while she's playing with another toy in her hands.

Another fun thing that happened was when Nana pulled out a musical card and music from "Happy Feet" the movie started playing, b/c Nica started bobbing her head and shoulders up & down. Now anytime she hears some music--that's what she does.

One of Nica's favorite things to do is to grab our hands and pull herself up on them. Once she stands up she looks at us for praise & affirmation, then beams with excitement knowing she has done something wonderful.

We wonder if she has that social butterfly bug that I've always had as a girl to womanhood, b/c although she shows trepidation when it comes to physical tasks--social tasks don't seem to mind her at all. Overall when she encounters people she warms up really quickly by talking to them (in her own way) and smiling at them.

It is nearing her first birthday and we are still shocked at how fast our time has gone with her--

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