Wednesday, November 28, 2007


As you can see from the pictures, nica likes food--No, LOVES food. In her first six months of life she was exclusively nursed. During those six months, I would equate her with the tortoise (in the Tortoise & the Hare). She couldn't be rushed and wouldn't be rushed. She savored every last drop. That's how she is with solid food.

When I'm taking the tray off to get her out of her highchair, I'll get the food that dropped in her lap & put in on the tray. The funny part about it is she will reach out to get that food from the tray, b/c she wants to eat it.

She has been called our "What about Bob eater." She did it (or still does) when she nursed and does it when she eats at the table. My friend Jess said, (while Nica was eating Cheerios & going MMM) "you would think she's eating a succulent steak or something, but it's just Cheerios."

Her Grandpa Scellick was taken a back by her loud protest during Thanksgiving when I left towards the kitchen. The reason being, she didn't have anymore ham to eat and was ticked off. Grandpa had never seen her (or heard her) yell so loud. I said, "Welcome to our everyday life." Sometimes when the food wasn't given to her quick enough and then she finally received it, she would let out an extra "MMMM" (kind of like a person murmuring under their breath when they're displeased with you) just to let you know that she wasn't happy about the wait.

Nonetheless, she cracks us up. She is so good at feeding herself and isn't picky as of yet (I hear those toddler years can bring up so much more). I just introduced spinach a week ago and she really loved it. I think the only food she hasn't been keen on is green beans, but she tolerates it. To date, she really loves, ya know I can't think of one or even two foods that she loves more than others--she likes them all.

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