Friday, November 9, 2007

Fall in Arizona

Nica and I are in Arizona visiting Grandpa, Uncle Willy & Aunt Adrienne, and Uncle Andrew. It is remarkably warm for this time of year in Arizona (it's currently 73 degrees), which is cooler than it has been the past week. It was in the 90s, which I never experienced as a kid growing up in Az. At my brother's house the outdoor environment is so intense with brightness of sun.

People ask why I would move from a sunny spot to a rainy spot. As I was driving to my brother's yesterday, I was looking around at the surroundings and knew exactly why. Although I experience more rain in 356 days than sun--at least I am able to experience four distinct seasons. The scenery is much more breath taking (to say the least) in Washington. Not only that, but fresh produce & fruit are much more regularly available in Washington.

With all of that said--it is nice to be in warm weather while stormy weather hit Bellingham and turned our power out at home. Life is good and our little girl is growing in all areas (she is 10 months old today).

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